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Land Surveying Services

TRPA Site Surveys / Land Coverage Analysis

The first step in a TRPA residential or commercial project is to commission a complete Survey and Topographic mapping of the site. The Survey is necessary in order to determine Land Coverage factors associated with a remodel or redevelopment project. Other practical reasons for a survey are to determine site constraints, building setbacks etc. Arnett & Associates routinely performs such surveys for homeowners and Design Professionals. Given our firms long established TRPA Agency relationships, local knowledge and proprietary records, we are confident we can complete the necessary survey and mapping in a timely and cost effective manner.

Martis Camp Topographic / Design Surveys / Staking

Arnett & Associates specializes in providing Architects and Design Professionals with all necessary Martis Camp project support from the initial Survey to complete Construction site layout. The initial Topographic element of the project involves a complete survey of the site, taking into account natural features, view angles, setback constraints and location of all trees on the site.  We also provide staking and stringing of the Building Envelope as required by Martis Camp to aid in the conceptual design of the project.  This Topographic Mapping provides the Design Professional with complete existing site information to aid in the vision and design of the residence and site improvements. Given our firms involvement with the Martis Camp planned development from its inception, we are confident we can complete the necessary survey and mapping on a priority basis to expedite the design process.

Topographic Survey & Mapping

A Land Survey locating natural and man made features such as existing buildings, improvements, utilities, fences, elevations, ground contours, trees, etc.  The map also depicts record property lines and easements of record per the recorded Subdivision Map.  This type of survey is typically used by Engineers and/or Architects for the design of improvements or developments on a site. Larger sites may include the use of Aerial Photography. Local entities and agencies, such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), Town of Truckee, Homeowner Associations and other jurisdictions require the builder, homeowner or property owner to provide such professional survey mapping in connection with a residential Building application or Permit, and is required by the Town Of Truckee, TRPA and local Building Departments.

Boundary Surveys

The Tahoe-Truckee area is unique and presents many challenges to the Homeowner when it comes to acquiring a property or planning the construction of residential improvements. Home improvements come in many shapes and sizes and can be in the form of the design and construction of a new home or a simple remodel/addition to an existing structure.
A Boundary Survey is advisable in order to properly identify, verify and mark or stake the property boundaries. A boundary survey can also be commissioned by a home or property owner at any time in order to provide peace of mind and assurances that no encroachments or other title matters exist that may otherwise go undetected and adversely affect the property ownership over time. A boundary survey should also be considered in advance of many small homeowner projects such as defensible space lot clearing/tree removal, planning and installation of landscaping, irrigation, dog runs, sheds or fencing.
Arnett & Associates provides its Clients great value using a broad parcel database developed in over 50 years of local practice.

Construction Staking - Residential and Commercial

Construction Staking is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed new structures such as buildings, roads and site improvements. Construction staking is performed to ensure a project is built according to engineering design plans. We work directly with the contractor and excavator to ensure stakes are placed according to their specific needs and to expedite the layout process. The County Building Department or local Agency may also require a Building Setback Certification Letter to aid in foundation inspection and approval (prior to concrete pour). Arnett & Associates specializes in providing fast, accurate and reliable support for all types of construction.

Condominium Subdivisions / Redevelopment

Arnett & Associates are resident expert in the filed of Condominium Subdivision, having successfully recorded hundreds of Residential Condominium Subdivisions in the Tahoe Truckee area. The process typically requires a Tentative and, Final Subdivision Map preparation as well as Condominium Plan and Airspace Diagrams. Arnett & Associates has an established working relationship with may local Land Use Attorneys in preparation of Condominium CC & R’s.

ALTA Land Title Surveys

A survey made for the purpose of supplying a Title Company and lender with survey and location data necessary for the issuing of title and/or mortgage insurance. Specifications of this type of Survey include (but are not limited to) determining property lines, location of improvements, identifying easements, utilities and other conditions affecting the property. ALTA surveys are very comprehensive surveys and typically are more costly. Any ALTA Land Survey must meet the "Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys" as adopted by the American Land Title Association, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors. Arnett & Associates maintains annual industry standard training and state of the art mapping templates to insure Title industry compliance for all surveys.

Subdivision and Parcel Maps

A Subdivision Map creates five or more lots from a larger property and a parcel map creates four or less parcels.  Given our proven record and working relationship with local County and regulatory agencies, Arnett & Associates are confident that our experience and knowledge will expedite the Subdivision approval process.  We will assist you with preparation of required Tentative and Final Mapping for your project.

Lot Line Adjustments

Arnett & Associates routinely prepares Lot Line Adjustments within the Town of Truckee, County of Placer, Nevada County and all other Tahoe Basin jurisdictions.  Lot Line adjustments are typically used in land development to enable redevelopment, building additions, Lot reconfiguration and to rectify boundary conflicts between property owners. These circumstances may be due to existing encroachments, occupation, and location of improvements or other circumstances.  The process requires an Application, preparation of new Metes & Bounds Legal Descriptions and Exhibits describing resultant parcels reflecting new lot line configuration.

Pier and Buoy Surveys / Bathymetric Mapping

 TRPA and The Nevada and California State Lands Commission often require a Buoy and Bathymetric Mapping for projects located within Lake Boundaries. Such projects include Buoy permitting, planning and construction of new piers or remodeling of existing piers and boat lifts/ boathouses. Arnett & Associates routinely conducts such surveys, including the lake bottom (bathymetric) and littoral or shore zone areas.